Can you imagine what the great romantic films would have been like without the wonderful sweeping music that plays throughout?

The power of music to create mood and atmosphere is great and yet so often when you read wedding planners, it is relegated to somewhere near the bottom of the list and usually reads something like ‘organise band for evening.’

In fact, the opportunities to use music to make a magical environment for your wedding are much more far-ranging. From the moment that your guests arrive at the venue, whether it is a civil ceremony or being held in a church, the atmosphere can begin to build with the assistance of the romance of a wedding harpist or wedding string quartet.

A solo classical guitar can also add an immediate boost to the atmosphere. As soon as the guests arrive, they will be serenaded by the soothing sounds of a performer who is there to enhance the experience of the day.

There is no doubt that professional musicians can add tremendous aplomb to every stage of the wedding day. A wide variety of performers are available who have trained to the highest standards of musicianship and who enjoy their work. These are the people who cannot only provide great performances but will be punctual and well attired.

An agency such as ours, will offer advice on the most suitable repertoire for the ceremony and your needs. They will also make sure that you are making the right entertainment decisions in terms of your venue, your guests and the style that you want to create.

If you are having a ceremony in an old country church then perhaps you might consider singers serenading your guests on arrival, or a flute and harp duo? The musicians can also provide the processional and recessional music as well as playing for the signing of the register and there are many options aside from the traditional choices if you would like something a little different.

Once the ceremony is over you can either continue with the original mood or perhaps think of something lighter or jazzy for the drinks reception. Perhaps a piano and double bass playing tunes from the 20’s and 30’s or an acoustic Dixieland Trio who will provide bright and foot-tapping tunes without being over intrusive.

During the Wedding Breakfast too, the provision of live music can make all the difference in terms of creating a mellow background without intruding so that one has to shout in order to converse. When two family groups and friends sit down together for the first time, music can help to relax the guests so that conversation flows and there are no awkward silences. String trios, a wedding string quartet, guitarists, pianists, and harpists can all be used to great effect during the Wedding Breakfast.

Here at Music Makers, we have got twenty years of working with bridal couples to ensure that the vision of the wedding day is fulfilled. Our aim is to add a touch of magic to the day with the right choice of music and musicians. It is not only the musical knowledge that is important but the practical and logistic elements such as access, acoustics, room sizes that we investigate too.

We use personal contracts for each client and ensure that all the details are attended to on your behalf. Our network of musicians is one of the largest in the UK and quite unique in its diversity.

Being a professional wedding harpist myself I love my work and look forward to helping you enjoy the music for your wedding day!