One of the greatest challenges people face is to find a unique and special way to envisage their wedding proposal. Many options range from a meal out in a special restaurant, over the tannoy at an airport or aeroplane (this is surprisingly quite common now), a bouquet of flowers and a ring in a special venue or somewhere with a special view.

One of the most romantic engagements we were hired for was to play harp during the surprise wedding proposal of Sam to his girlfriend.

In a telephone call prior to the big moment, we discussed their favourite music and what he might like played for this very special occasion. We organised that I would let myself into his house, together with a butler to set up the harp with candles and flowers in his sitting room. Sam had taken Emma out for a delicious meal at one of their favourite restaurants nearby.

The plan was that as they were approaching the house on their return home, he would secretly text us to let us know of their imminent arrival.

I started playing “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack as he had requested. The butler (actually an actor friend of mine wearing bow tie and tails) opened the door to greet them and subsequently presented them each with a glass of champagne whilst escorting them to the sofa for their private concert.

During the first song, Sam asked his lady if she would become his wife. We were on tenterhooks. If she said no, I had instructions to play on for 10 minutes and then leave. She said yes, of course; how could she possibly resist such a wonderful gesture! We were delighted and a year later, I was honoured to be invited to be their wedding harpist.

Hiring an instrument such as a harp, singer or string quartet, can make a special moment even more spinetinglingly wonderful.