A question that we are often asked is ‘when should a wedding harpist play at a wedding?’

Because the harp is such a versatile instrument, we can play at any point of your day. The harp is excellent at providing a relaxing and romantic atmosphere so perfect for the arrival of your guests and through the ceremony. It has the power to deliver volume and strength when needed for your entrance and recessional.

During the drinks reception is another point when the harp can add to the setting and mood as it provides music that entertains while still allowing conversation to flow. We often play during the Wedding Breakfast which relaxes your guests and can cover the sometimes awkward opening of the meal when people maybe seated beside someone they do not know very well. A professional wedding harpist can provide wonderful background music for over a hundred people without amplification.

It is always worth your while asking whether your harpist has completed training and checking how much performance experience they have. We know when we hire out wedding musicians that it takes some stamina to play for three hours or longer and our harpists have all developed the necessary technique to do this regularly!

So, in response to that initial question.. we can play at any point of your day, or provide an accompaniment for the whole occasion. The choice is yours!